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Want to better understand your students' or child's level of English proficiency? This test is specifically designed for international students coming to Australia  to study. English is the universal language, and essential for success in study and work in an international economy.

The TOEFL® tests are the most widely respected English-language tests in the world. They are recognised by leading organisations in over 130 countries. Scores from TOEFL tests help to demonstrate level of language proficiency for school. This test is now available in Australia through RightPeople. Accredited test centres, language colleges and schools are able to administer the TOEFL Junior.

The TOEFL brand is recognised by over 8,500 universities, colleges and organisations worldwide. In fact, a survey of leading organisations revealed that 80% of admission officers were more satisfied with the TOEFL tests compared to other English-language tests. Other agencies that rely on TOEFL scores are:

They can also be used by individual students to measure their progression in English, and to determine where their strengths and weaknesses lie.

TOEFL test scores now meet visa requirements for Australia , including the required language component of the student visa process. Like all RightPeople tests, they are based on thorough research, are valid and reliable, and reflect best practice in English language assessment. The TOEFL Junior test is designed for children aged 11+ years.

On our website you can find information about the tests, the format, scoring and even sample questions.

Help set a strong foundation for your students, opening up the world for them in terms of their study and career options. Contact us today usign the form below to find out more about the TOEFL Junior tests.

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